Office D'Nissin is one of the latest breakthrough from Nissin Foods Indonesia. Here, each employee can get the latest Nissin products. These products can be purchased at the office or cafeteria area. Our staff, Nissin Ambassador, will visit each office on a regular basis, to recharge as needed, monitor the expiration date of each product, and explain or answer any questions related to the product.


Every consumer just need to put money in the box provided and enjoy the products in the cabinet. We guarantee there will be no unexpected expenses or the cost of other services. Let's improve your efficiency with Office D'Nissin. Enjoy!


No Workload. Replacement and renewal collection of products mentioned above will be made by Nissin Sales team, which is also known as Nissin Ambassador. We will also conduct a review of the expiration date of each product is in the cabinet, so you don’t need to worry!


Weekly 'Entertainment'. Products will be replaced each day, as well as collection of products that will be updated every week, so you will not get bored with the choices. We want to see your eyes light up when you saw our cabinet, because ‘New is always better', agree?


Donation Plan. Some of the purchase amount will be donated to the ACT program, the Fast Action Response. By doing so, you will get more satisfaction because it can simultaneously donating when buying.


Self-Service System. You just put money in the box provided and took his own product that you want. Needless to convoluted, there are no unexpected costs, as easy as spelling A-B-C!